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As far as I know I am one of the only experienced wedding photographers who offers video coverage along side photography and still guarantee an excellent photography service. 

The two big advantages of this are video coverage at a very low cost and more importantly because I am already photographing the wedding I pretty much guarantee you wont even notice I am videoing you therefore wont feel self conscious. The video is also short and punchy rather than a 3 hour epic, set to music meaning you will wath it over and over again! 

A lot of people cant afford or decide they don't need a professional videographer, my experience from talking to couples who I have shot video for (especially those who weren't expecting me to produce one) is that it brings the wedding alive, records moments that cant be captured by photography and how they could not live with out it. If you feel you dont need a video please talk to a couple who didnt have one at their wedding and if they are honest most will regret it. 


I can also video speeches, the vows, special entertainers or anything that cant really be captured properly in photography!

I shoot on one of the best DSLR video cameras available an EOS 1DX which allows HD Broadcast quality footage. 

If for some reason you chose to book another photographer I can be booked just as a videographer.

Please view one of my samples before you decide its not for you, as many people change their minds when they realise how it works, or ask to see one of your venue, however please appreciate to see the real quality ask for a HD copy to view on your TV

Packages as an add on to photography package

Video of the day set to music £395

Ceremony, Speeches & any other special requirements £195


Video as a stand alone package 

All day and evening coverage to include Video of the day set to music, ceremony and speeches filmed fully as well as any other special requirements filmed in whole £995

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